Vakantievilla op Bali
winter vacationing

Winter vacationing 

Rain and storm, snow and fog , wind and hail, no surprise at all during autumn or winter season. Nowadays many people decide to escape from the dark season to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the month of January or February for example, or even in October and November (just in time for X-Mas). Just a hide-away for only two months on the Isle of Bali, where the weather is warm and nice, the beaches sunny and white and comfortable accommodation.

Medical care

Nowadays medical care in Bali is no longer an issue. Good medical care on European standards can be provided. At the compound a doctor is on request and available for home visit. An outstanding hospital with Western standards, fun by Australian staff, is only 15 – 20 minutes away.

Hiding for the cold winter

Swap winter for a piece of paradise a long stay for a period of four to eight weeks in Bali really is a treat! ! Long before the start or long after the high season, That’s when you’re able to take the opportunity to discover more than just the touristic highlights. No tight travel scheme, no ‘have to’ nor ‘must’, everything is possible , you’ll have all the time in the world to do things your way. The Isle of Bali does not only offer you its’ magnificent views but being in the centre of world’s largest archipelago the island offers a great opportunity to explore the other islands nearby. . Connections to the isle of Java or Lombok is well organized. . A ferry will take you to both islands. Do you rather prefer to travel by plane, that’s possible too. Tickets for domestic flights are affordable.. And after such an exploring experience you simply return to your holiday residence at the compound in Bali.